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Photography Guidelines

The marketing team is frequently available to take photos on campus, but we also work with a variety of freelance photographers to help capture compelling images of university life.

Photo requests

If you would like photos taken at a campus event, contact Julie Farison at or submit a marketing request ticket that includes the following information:

  • Type of request (event, staff photo, etc.)
  • Location
  • Date & time
  • Any other specific requests

Submitting photos

If you have a photo relating to the university, you can submit it to the marketing team digitally by emailing Julie Farison at Please include information about the photo, such as:

  • When was it taken?
  • Who or what is it a photo of?
  • What is the intended use/why was it submitted? (web, print, social media, archive)

Photo submissions for use in marketing materials should meet the following requirements:

  • Resolution at full size should be 300 dpi for print
  • Photo submissions should be unedited
  • Photos must not violate any copyright restrictions